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Clinic Sidekick is the leading AI medical scribe that automatically generates accurate and comprehensive SOAP notes.

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Notes are ready in seconds and work seamlessly with your EHR, saving hours of documentation time each day.

With Clinic Sidekick, you can spend more time focusing on patient care and less time on administrative tasks.

How it works

Simple to use


Click "start" and Clinic Sidekick securely records and transcribes your patient encounters, capturing every detail.


Our advanced system analyzes the conversation, extracts critical information, and generates a comprehensive, personalized SOAP note in seconds.


With just one click, your finalized note is seamlessly transferred to your EHR system, keeping your patient records up to date.

Task Automation

Get back to what matters

Promoting patient-centered care

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Our clinician-designed solutions are built with the provider in mind. The software is easy to use and fits into your existing workflow.


We are 100% HIPAA compliant. All of your data remains confidential and protected. Everything we collect and process is end-to-end encrypted.


AI assists, but you're in command. Every action is directed by you. Nothing will ever be entered into a patient chart without direct action from you.

Save up to 2 hours per day.

Boost patient satisfaction.

Increase note accuracy and completeness.

Improve work-life balance and reduce burnout.


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  • 10 free encounters
  • Up to 45-minute encounter length
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Ideal for individual practitioners


  • Unlimited session lengths*
  • Unlimited note generation for one clinician*
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For practices and healthcare systems


  • Telehealth coverage
  • Note customization and smart phrases
  • EMR/EHR integration
  • Custom features
  • Dedicated support
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